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Dr. Ashish Singh Aujla

MD(Paediatrics), DCH(London), MRCPCH(UK), CCT(UK)
Consultant Paediatric Neurology

Dr. Ruchi Aujla

MD(Paediatrics), DCH(London), MRCPCH(UK)
Consultant Paediatrics and Neonatology



What causes acute diarrhoea?

Infection of the gut is the common cause. (The medical term for infection of the gut is gastroenteritis. A virus is the common cause of infective diarrhoea. Various viruses are easily spread from person to person by close contact, or when an infected person prepares food for others.

Minor head injury and knocks to the head are common, particularly in children. Following the injury, if the person is conscious (awake), and there is no deep cut or severe head damage, it is unusual for there to be any damage to the brain.

However, sometimes a knock to the head can cause damage to the brain or to a blood vessel next to the brain. A damaged blood vessel may bleed into the brain, or more commonly, into the area between the brain and the skull (a 'subdural haemorrhage').

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